Friday, 15 February 2013

Hearts, kisses, and what's to come!

So after having the most incredible Valentine's Day with Tom (dinner, a rose, a rose bush, and chocolate) I am so excited to be leaving for Mexico in a few hours. I am packed and ready to jet off and dearly hoping to sleep on the flights. I am finally relaxed, though that won't last long, and I am looking forward to this adventure. I am in a great place in my relationship, I have the most amazing friends, and I am looking forward to travelling and meeting a lot of new people in the next few weeks and months. While my schoolwork has been lacking recently, as well as my attendance to class (whoops!), I am well rested and over my cold so I cannot complain too much. This experience will be worth more than the portion of my grades I've let fall and I have promised myself I will buckle down and finish the semester with a bang when I am back (having said that, I also have promised myself I will see Tom more so we'll see which wins out ;-)). Adios mis amigos, ¡hasta luego! Wish me luck and I will write all about my adventure when I return. ¡Besos!


  1. Ohhh!! I'm so excited about your trip, and so happy you have a great relationship!

    Looking forward to hear everything about your viaje!

  2. Sorry I haven't sat down and written about my trip...I will shortly I promise!